The school is funded by the public and by students school fees. State support covers all the costs of lectures. Tuition fees, enrollment money and deposits are paid to the school's account number 3000.32.02433. The total is portioned into 10 separate months, and the due date is syncronized with the scholarship from Lånekassen (The Norwegian Loan Fund for education). Payment schedule for the whole school year will be sent out in good time before start up.

Prices for 20118/19:



  • NOK 68 500 for food and room (double occupancy). Single room costs additional NOK 6000
  • NOK 9000 for the general costs of excursions, washing machine, wifi etc.
  • Courses cost between NOK 17 000 ( Explore Norway) and NOK 29 000 depending on the choice, and the destination of the field trip

Total expenses (excluding enrollment of money):

  • Dyr og Natur NOK 108 500,-
  • Global fattigdomsbekjemper NOK 108 500,-
  • Helse, omsorg og velvære NOK 106 500,-
  • Crosstrening og Beachvolley NOK 108 500,-
  • Dykking (Diving) NOK 108 500,-
  • Water Adventure NOK 108 500,-
  • Explore Norway 102 300,- including enrolment fee of 2500,-

Additional costs:

  • Single room supplement NOK 6000,-
  • Costs for visa if the field trips go to a country where you have to apply for a it. 
  • Some selected courses may require and additionl NOK 500 to 1500 (for equipment etc.)
  • Extra costs for special diet (celiac)

Grants and loans:

Remember to apply for scholarships and loans from Lånekassen (the National Loan Fund for education) in good time!

Read more about scholarships and what the average cost of a school year at