We want to help make the world more sustainable and more fair! We collaborate with Stromme Foundation and help collect money for important projects that they work with.


As a school, we recognize that we must take climate change and sustainability seriously. We work to focus on sustainability through various events and activities, but we are honest enough to say that we also want to become an even more sustainable school. 

Our school is located right out in the skerries, with the sea as our closest neighbor. Marine litter is a topic we, among other things, focus on. Several classes regularly have beach clearings. Several of the joint classes, our seminars and elective subjets, focus on topics related to sustainability, and fun sustainable happenings such as a change of clothes party and climate championships will be arranged.

Development aid
The school cooperates with the aid organization Stromme foundation.
Through various events and activities, we raise money for the project "Boss in your own life"
You can also read more about this project here
The project is about young people who have not had good opportunities to complete schooling, get an education or vocational training.
Young people in these projects learn about their rights and that they are important. Through this, they can get an opportunity to climb out of poverty and become bosses in their own lives.
Many "boss in one's own life" groups also work for positive changes in their societies. This is a fantastic project that we care about a lot and that really changes lives!

Every year, an school committee is formed, and it is responsible for organizing the school's fundraising projects. By joining this, you have the opportunity to practice leadership and even get a certificate as a proof at the end of the year.
Events we will have are for example, "Sponsor Race", "Give a day" and "Children's day". In addition to this, we also participate as a school in the national TV campaign for development aid and in other important work for others.

Some of our programs also visit Stromme foundation projects on their field trips.