Common subjects

The world is facing a global climate crisis and three billion people live in extreme poverty. Meanwhile many of us enjoy a luxury that pollutes. It seems hopelessly unfair.

Who are you, and who do you want to be? Why do we live on this beautiful planet, really? Why is there also so much suffering and hopelessness here?

Maybe you are wondering about how you are living? What you want to learn about life? Who will benefit from the talents you have received? Maybe you are dreaming about where you want to go - to share and contribute what you are good at? These are questions related to our hope and future. The needs of the world are many, and this main course will form and equip you, and teach you how to create a better future and bring hope to yourself and others.

It is important for us to explain our values ​​and what we stand for, while we welcome your backgrounds and beliefs. In Kristiansand Folkehøyskole we hope and believe that a year at our school will mean something positive for your future and for the world's future, both locally and globally. 

Kristiansand folkehøyskole has developed a five-step program based on the gospel of Matthew, which takes students and teachers through a 9 month journey through their own life. We reflect our own lives against the history's most hopeful, life-affirming and globally recognized master: Jesus Christ. He caused a before-and-after in world history - and has given hope and a future to millions of people. He is the role model we can build our character on.


The first step simply begins with what is most important for the future of faith and hope: God's unconditional love for the world. God has good intentions for the world.

1) Receive love - completely without personal efforts. In the first part we focus on getting to know each other and on God's love for us and the world. This is a keynote throughout the schoolyear.

2) Give love. When we receive unconditional love, we can easily love our neighbor as ourselves. It is the second part of the course. Here we practice the actions of love in a dignified life.

3) Learning life's most important puzzles. In this third part, we use the time to go deeper into the relationship we have to ourselves, our "neighbors", nature and the kingdom of God. We also learn new things when we travel around the world.

4) Serve with our talents. In this fourth part we focus on developing talents. Here you will become more conscious on how to use your talents so that they are a benefit to yourself and others. You can also get great help and guidance for future career choices.

5) Sharing what we have. Jesus showed the world that there is always a hope and always a future - even in the grave. He rose again. By sharing our knowledge, pain and good experiences, things become easier to handle. Then there might arise new and creative solutions that bring new life and changes in any hopeless situations.

After finishing the school year, we believe you will have new creative tools for your onward journey in life, where you can contribute to creating a future and even bring hope for others. For those who are considering taking a year in Kristiansand folkehøyskole, this course will resonate through the entire schoolyear and in the other subjects - it is represented by the sun in our logo.

The common subject sews together everything that happens in the school year, and provides concrete tools for your road ahead. The subject has five different parts with approximately. 20 different lectures, which aims to frame the schoolyear in a hopeful perspective.