Field trips

Field trips vary according to which course you're attending. There are also shorter joint trips as well as other trips with accommodation. Boat trips, hiking etc.

For the school year 2017/18, we have planned the following field trips:

Global: Sri Lanka and Nepal (long trip)
Health care, nursing and wellness: Thailand and Cambodia
Diving: Zanzibar
Beach volleyball with strength and conditioning: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Nature and wildlife: Kenya and Mare Naboiso project
Childhood, parenthood and upbringing: Gran Canaria
Water Adventure - Caribbean
Drones and films - America
Explore Norway - trips in Norway
Most field trips are conducted during November 2016

Joint trips:

Hovden, 3 day trip
Denmark, 3 day trip
Overnight in the archipelago near the school
In addition, there will be joint day trips during the year


All students will be informed about what vaccines they need. We are visited by a vaccine office in Kristiansand, who will inform and make sure we get all the vaccines needed before we go. Bring your vaccination card containing your basic vaccines when you start school. Students pay for vaccines needed for their field trip.