Climbing, skiing and surfing

European Alpes and Nordic cold Hawaii

"Balance, it is all about balance". You will learn to master balance on skies, on surf boards and in the mountains or climbing walls as well as in life

  • Our school has beautiful climbing-, kiting- and windsurfing facilities right outside our door. 
  • In September we go south to Nordic beaches in Cold Havaii and the Waterz festival in Hvide Sande. The world elite in windsurfing gather there to compete in the autumn storms. We cannot promise you storms, but the place normally offers great autumn winds. Check  
  • In November we pack our skiing equipment and go to Lom and the ski festival there to experience magical lights and 2000 meter hights in Jotunheimen, 
  • In winter, you will get the chance to test your skies in the European Alpes.  
  • Spring is an adventure that we get to experience with our sailing boat Fryden. We travel to Hardanger and conquer the glaciers Folgefonna and the alpes of Rosendal there, with up to 1500 meters of effective altitude a day. 
  • This program is suitable for you if you enjoy outdoor activities all year, like to be active and to do different sports. You need to be able to do basic skiing.

Trip to the European Alpes and Cold Hawaii

NOK 33.000,- (includes the trip)
Total schoolpayment NOK 116.000,-

How many hours per week?
Normal week: 2 days for this course.
The rest of the week is for main courses for all students and some selected courses.

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