At our school we offer a new and targeted leader training program called JC Trainee. The program is for 2nd year folkehøyskole-students and others who have experiences similar to such a year.

With JC Trainee at Kristiansand folkehøyskole, you get 9 months as a trainee, with intensive leadership training and free cost and boarding.
As a trainee, you get a unique insight into the school's inner life, with a lot of practice on the school's programs and training and close follow-up from your teacher. You also get lots of valuable work practice by leading, creating and launching activities in the evenings and weekends. You get to see management processes up close, and even get to try to lead under the guidance of teachers, and close follow-up from the school's management team.

All the trainees start and end the schoolyear with trips together.
All trainees  regularly go on 1-2 day trips in the immediate area where they also go through a 5-step reflection program throughout the year.
A total of 40 sessions of methodical leadership training on a Christian basis.
The five-step program focuses on personal development, leadership skills and character building. It has a Christian foundation and is systematically built around the story of the leadership training Jesus used for his 12 apprentices. He took them on trips, filled their boats with lots of fish, took them on mountain tops and let them meet the harsh realities of life. We're trying to get something of the same here.

We can promise good living conditions in our cabins / apartments, as well as very good food (without exaggeration), dedicated teachers and staff, and a fantastic location in the middle of the best of the southern archipelago.
The school is only 15 minutes away from Kristiansand Kjevik Airport and Kristiansand city center.

More information about the school can be found here

As a trainee you have free board and lodging throughout the schoolyear. 
You have to pay a fee of NOK 5000,- for shared costs.