Other topics

Elective subjects, common subjects, sustainability and development aid

You spend 2 days a week with your program. In addition, a normal week consists of electives and common subjects. We also have 2-3 weeks during the year that are fully set aside for electives. The school wants to focus on sustainability and has a development aid project that we work with throughout the schoolyear.

We want to adapt the electives that we offer to our students. Elective subjects are normally chosen for 3 periods. Period 1 is chosen at the end of August and the other two periods are chosen during the year, prior to each period. In the autumn and spring, we also have elective weeks. You will then be able to choose between different alternative arrangements and trips at home and abroad, adapted to the season. It can e.g. be summit trips in the western part of Norway, bike riding or surfing trips to Denmark, cabin trips and the like. Here you will find more information about electives. We offer a wide range of electives in a module-based teaching method. The electives give you the opportunity to explore and develop various interests and abilities. We also have brand new and top equipped music facilities at the school.

Common subjects
Our main common subject is called "Future and hope" and in our weekly schedule there is also time for class meetings and "dorm meetings". Here you will find more information about common subjects.

As a school, we recognize that we must take climate change and sustainability seriously. We promote sustainability through various events and activities, but we are also honest about our wish to become an even more sustainable school. Here you will find more information about sustainability

Development aid
The school collaborates with the development organization Strømmestiftelsen. Through various events and activities, we raise money for a project called "Boss in your own life". Here you will find more information about how we work with development aid