Childhood, parenthood and upbringing

Do you have kids or just love children? Would like to learn more about upbringing and childhood? Then "Children, parenthood and upbringing" at Kristiansand Folkehøyskole might be right for you! We are the school of this kind in the country having a separate option for those with children. This course is also designed for those who don't have children, but still wants to learn more about it. Maybe you would like to children and childhood, work with children and youth in the future.

We have a separate house available with an great playground right outside. The apartments that are only offered to students in this course. THey have a high standard.

This is what you'll meet:

  • 1 week observation at Haraldvigen camp ran by the Red Cross by the seaside of Kristiansand. VIDEO
  • Internship at SFO, schools, kindergartens or day care facilities.
  • Visit a number of institutions for children and adolescents.
  • We host kindergardens and tailor programs for the different groups.
  • We invite guests who share their experience brining up children and discuss what a good childhood is and focus on parenting.

You will also learn more about:

  • Children and youth development both physically, mentally and socially.
  • Different conditions in upbringings.
  • What it means to have a disabled child.
  • Children's literature, movies and songs.
  • The importance of playing and the use of playgrounds and gyms.
  • Healthy and proper food, incl. gourmet cuisine by our chef Finn. We will host kids birthdays.
  • Light a fire and invite for dinner around the campfire.
  • Go on boat trips, sail, paddle and hike on the islands and in the surrounding area.
  • Fishing, crab catching, and maybe we get a lobster too?
  • Visit Kristiansand Zoo and maybe we are allowed to join a zookeeper too?

We expect this of you as a student at the "Children and Adolescence":

  • That you love children
  • That you have a desire to go in depth on topics that are relevant to childhood and parenthood
  • That you actively contribute to a healthy community


We travel on a study trip to warmer climates, students are involved in determining the destination.


NOK 23.000 (includes the trip) + additional costs for children

For those who will go to school and have the children, there will be additional costs associated with the disposal of your own cabin/apartment, as well as for the additional baby food

Additional costs for babysitting during evenings and weekends, as well as kindergardens (cost of daycare follows the tariffs set by the minucipailty and is based on income)

Contact the school regarding information about additional costs. The school disposes scholarships for single mothers.

How many hours per week?

Normal week: 2.5 days for this course. The rest of the week is for main courses for all students and some selected courses.

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