Cross training and Beach sports

Trip to Bali and Lembongan in Indonesia

Do you love training an exercise? Do you want to become a better beach volleyball player? Instructor with many years of experience and a top international player. Field trip to Bali and Lembongan in Indonesia

Let's work out! With good facilities, everything is set for a lot of good and diverse training in this Beach volleyball course - with and without the ball. Instructor Nila Larsson has many years of experience as a professional beach volleyball player - she will teach you both techniques and tactics in all the game phases, as well as provide you with varied training with both strength and pulse. In addition to Nila we have a great resource in our principal Tor Inge Askeland, whith his 7 years experience as a coach for both men's and women's national team.

This is part of what awaits you as a student at Beach volleyball with strength and pulse:

  • Training camp in Bali Indonesia! We will have an approximately 2-week training camp in November in Bali and Lembongan-Indonesia with training on beautiful beaches, great excursions and opportunities for many other activities as well.
  • Training in the world's largest beach volleyball hall! We take a 3 days trip to Gothenburg Beach Center and the 16 great courses there. We will also visit other indoor halls.
  • Tournaments! Throughout the school year there will be oppotrunities to attend several beach volleyball tournaments, most held by the local Beach volleyball club.
  • Modified training! This course is suitable if you have played some volleyball for fun, but also for those who will be targeting Norway Tour games and perhaps further efforts. Each student will receive challenges tailored to their level. The only thing we expect is that you will be ready to work with us to develop yourself as much as possible.
  • Good sand facilities! At the school we have three great outside fields when weather permits. Most of the training between autumn holiday and Easter holiday occurs inside the sand hall of Kristiansand Beach Volleyball Team - comprising 12 outdoor fields and three inside.
  • Variety! In addition to a lot of beach volleyball training we will work with strength and conditioning - training that will make you a better player. Tough workouts inspired by CrossFit - high intensity often in interval form - an addition and supplement to all the training with the ball. You may also expect a small jog in the woods now and then.
  • Instructor Nila Larsson has Trainer IV education in volleyball and beach volleyball from Telemark University College, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification and years of experience as a professional beach volleyball player - including participation in two Olympic, several medals in World Tour and European Championships, as well as 5 National Championships.

Useful information

For those who want to combine Beach Volleyball at Kristiansand Folkehøyskole with active leagues in volleyball, it is possible in several clubs. We cooperate with Kristiansand Beach volleyball club which has teams in first, second and third division. In addition, KSI (student sports club) teams in second and third division.


Trip to Bali and Lembongan in Indonesia
Here will train at beautiful and famous beaches. We will visit famous attractions have several smaller excursions, as well as facilitate for surfing and other activities.

NOK 32 000,- (includes trip), total cost 110 500,-
It is possible to drop out of the trip, for economic or other reasons. Note that there may also be changes in the price for the trip and destination due to conditions school does not control.

How many hours per week?
Normal week: 2 days for this course. The rest of the week contains main courses for all students and some selected courses.

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