Surfing, ball and cross training

Trip to Morocco and Europe

This is the program if you like training in all forms! We use our outdoor areas, the sea and different halls for ball games like beach volleyball, soccer and ice hockey

This program will give you many (but never the same), cross fit inspired workouts in the gym. You will also get variations of ball games, outdoor and indoor, and beach volleyball both outdoor and indoor. 
In addition, we will supply with core training, climbing, swimming, running, mountain- and forest trips, obstacle courses, running in stairs, spike ball, badminton, yoga, CrossFit, maybe some snow volleyball and last but not least, surfing and snorkelling on our field trip.
Our training will be varied, with the intention to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and suppleness.

Trip to Morocco and Europe
In November we will go on a surf camp to Agadir, Morocco, including a stayover in Marrakech. We will enjoy beach life with surfing sessions and evenings on the rooftop terrace where we will be staying. We will visit a traditional Moroccan marked and experience the natural pools and canyons of Paradise Valley, a spectacular place to swim and take great pictures. 

In the spring semester we will visit Champions League matches or other top football games, according to interests in our group. 

Our teacher, Nila, has CrossFit certification, Trainer IV in volleyball and beach volleyball. She has many years with experience as a profesional beach volley player and has joined Olympic games, has medals from World Tour, European Championships and Norwegian Championships.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the program or our school. You may reach us at

Trip to Morocco and Europe
In November we travel to beautiful Morocco (Agadir and Marrakech) and in the spring semester we will go to Europe.

NOK 33 000,- (includes trip).
Total cost 116 000,-

How many hours per week?
Normal week:
2 days for this course.
The rest of the week contains main courses for all students and some selected courses.

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