Climbing, diving and surfing

We will explore the world above and below its surface, at the seaside by our school where there are more then 100 ship wrecks, and in exotic waters with a rich diversity of life. We also climb the walls of Southern Norway and surf the waves of the South and West of Norway as well as in Denmark.

Diving - magnificent walls, beautiful corals and big wrecks waiting to be explored by you!
The area around Kristiansand Feriesenter Dvergsnestangen, is known among divers for its strategic location with a host of great diving spots."Wrecks in Kristiansand"
Cooperation with OneOcean diving center ( department we follow the main criteria in diving: To educate you into diving safely, using qualified and experienced instructors. Diving in a pool
This course is suitable for both beginners and for everyone who has some basic experience, but have not dived that much or simply want new challenges.

Join stunning diving trips in the Kristiansand seaside, from shore and by boat.
Learn to film and take photos underwater and help editing.
Dive with sharks in the aquarium in Greena in Denmark.
Live out the divers dream on the magical island of Bali in Asia
Join Christmas diving (swimming around the Christmas tree and meet with underwater-Santa) Christmas Diving

Pleasure and Leisure
We are a lot outside, on boat trips, sailing, kayaking and other trips in the area around the school. We catch crabs, fish and learn a lot about the nature.

Trip to Bali

Discover the magic of Bali 
Line costs: NOK 32.000 (includes the trip). Total cost 110 500,- 

How many hours per week?
Normal week: 2 days for this course. The rest of the week is for main courses for all students and some selected courses.

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