Nature and wildlife - safari trip to Mara Naboisho i Kenya

Can you imagine a schoolday containing nature, hunting, fishing, close contact with-, and taking care of the animals in Kristiansand Zoo? Then "Nature and wildlife" at Kristiansand Folkehøyskole is perfect for you! We are the only school in Norway collaborating with Kristiansand Zoo, this is truly a unique offer.

In this course, we explore the world of animals and the nature they live in. Our field trip goes to Mara Naboisho in Kenya.
This is the world's most animal-rich area and here we will experience Africa's wild animals up close. We'll visit Project Mara Naboisho which both Strømmestiftelsen and Kristiansand Zoo cooperate with.
The project Mara Naboisho aims to preserve the world's most unique wilderness and wildlife through cooperation with the locals.
Keywords are education, conservation, research, social development, poverty reduction and responsible tourism.

We'll be working with exotic animals in Kristiansand Zoo, learn about natural resource management and be doing fishing and hunting in the area. We'll be learning about sustainable management of our natural resources and learn how to harvest from it. You will live in harmony with what you learn, experience magnificent scenery and be part of an exciting field trip to Kenya. This course offers unique experience for further studies in biology, veterinarian etc.

In the zoo you will:

  • Get to see many of the zoo's over 100 different animal species and learn more about them
  • Get to know more about how to run a zoo
  • Get to know more about the conservation of endangered species, animal welfare, health and animal behavior
  • Get unique insight into a zoo keepers daily life
  • Participate in taking care of animals (feeding, activation, cleaning ...)
  • Observe how talented trainer activate lions and other animals

Besides out time in the zoo this course also contains things like:

  • Fishing (fish, crabs, lobsters, crayfish, oysters, mussels ...)
  • Supervising and taking care of sheep and goats on an island nearby
  • Herding sheep in the mountain
  • Hunting deer, birds and other wildlife
  • Dog training (including herding and hunting)
  • Visit farms
  • Butchering
  • Picking berries, mushrooms and other types of harvest
  • Study trip to the Masai Mara in Kenya.
  • Training of animals

We expect this of you as a student at "Nature and wildlife":

  • That you love animals and are open for a close encounter with different species
  • That you thrive in the outdoors
  • That you can actively contribute to a healthy community

Some info about the program:

Since February 15th 2016 we have had a waiting list for this course.

Field trip to Mara Naboisho in Kenya
This is the world's most animal-rich area and here we will experience Africa's wild animals up close.

How many hours per week?
Normal week: 2 days for this course.
The rest of the week is for main courses for all students and some selected courses.

NOK 36 000;- includes the trip.
Total schoolpayment NOK 118 500,-

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