Trip to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Europe

In the Global class at Kristiansand folkehøyskole, you will participate on a long and exciting journey to Sri Lanka and Nepal. Strømmestiftelsens projects are the basis for the trip. We'll both get to visit and contribute into projects they collaborate with, and experience breathtaking scenery and exciting culture in both countries.

On our trip to Sri Lanka and Nepal we will be:

  • Working with exciting projects
  • Learning about how providing help benefits and how you can help
  • Become familiar with the pacific island Sri Lanka and all it has to offer
  • Experiencing mountainous Nepal, its nature and culture
  • Learning about religion, rich culture, war, peace and reconciliation
  • Seeing great scenery and amazing wildlife
  • Going on high mountain hiking
  • Experiencing both beaches with snorkeling and surfing and walks in the country with the world's highest mountain
  • Eating lots of tasty and exotic fruits and food
  • Getting to know and learn new things and meeting interesting people

Other topics in Global are:

  • Cross-cultural understanding and communication
  • How can we talk together, understand and like each other when we think so differently in the world?
  • Environment, development and sustainability.
  • Can we do something for the world to be even better for those who come after us?
  • How can environmental technology be a tool?
  • Fighting poverty.
  • What can I do?
  • We work with Strømmestiftelsen in Kristiansand, visit their projects, and will be raising money to one or several projects they are working with.


Pleasure and Leisure
We are a lot outside, on boat trips, sailing, kayaking and other trips in the area around the school. We catch crabs, fish and learn a lot about the nature.

Are you enthusiastic, curious and committed and have a desire to change the world? Do you want be at a nice location with beautiful surroundings at the same time?

Then a year at Kristiansand Folkehøyskole is something for you!

Trip to Sri Lanka and Nepal

During a month you get to experience fascinating people, wonderful nature and culture. You will have great experiences and there will be opportunities to learn new lessons.

NOK 32.000,- (includes the trip) Total school payment NOK 110 500,-

How many hours per week?
Normal week: 2 days for this course. The rest of the week is for main courses for all students and some selected courses.

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