Surfing, sailing and climbing

Surfing and sailing on white, long beaches. Climbing in beautiful nature with spectacular views. Backpacker-trip through Europe with Portugal´s surfing beaches as a destination. Give yourself a year off with lots of meaning and create new memories for life.

Do you want to surf your first green wave or learn to master the foam-filled waves on a windsurfing board?

Do you want to feel the rope of your climbing equipment holding you hips safely when you are 500 metres above the forest floor?

In this program you will learn about different forms of sailing and use the ocean and area around the school as our classroom. You will learn surfing in various forms, build mental strength and courage before climbing many different types of mountains and walls. You will be introduced to and learn climbing, sailing, windsurfing and wave surfing. We will explore surfing in Jæren, Lista and the areas close to our school. Cold winter months will be spent in one of Europe´s best indoor climbing centers in the middle of Kristiansand. Activities that challenge you physically and mentally, will also give you opportunities for an inner journey in your own life. 

Surfing, sailing and climbing will provide training in- body control, handling of equipment, mental strength and abilities when it comes to understanding the weather and how to use it. You will get the chance to experience good fellowship, new friendships and well-being when experiencing otdoor activities 24/7. We want you to learn how to handle challenging situations throughout the year. You do not need any special qualifications before coming. Just be yourself, learn as you go and experience mastering through instructions, trying and failing, toghether with the other students. 

We will spend a lot of time outside, on boat trips with our sailing boat, sailing our Hobie cats, or kayaking in the area around the school. We often take trips.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the program or our school.
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Trip abroad:

We plan for a field trip in March- April and pack our bags for an 18 day-long backpacker trip through Europe towards the beautiful beaches of Portugal. We will visit beautiful cities on our way. You will take part in the planning of the trip and also make alternative changes of travel plans if this is necessary due to corona restrictions. 

The program is suitable if you;

Want to learn more about climbing, sailing and surfing or if you just want to experience new challenges. 

Backpacking trip in Europe
Sailing and backpacking for 3 weeks

How many hours per week?

Normal week: 2 days for this course.
The rest of the week is for main courses for all students and elective courses where you choose topics.

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